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Looking to hire a pianist? Or maybe you’re ready to learn to play the piano?

Melissa is your key!

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Inspiring and Giving Joy Through Piano for Over 40 Years

Noted for her musical sensitivity, Melissa has a passion for piano that goes well beyond the business. She enjoys teaching students, playing for special days in a person’s life, getting together with old friends for a jazz session, or leading her family in some 12 Days of Christmas fun.

Why Melissa?

1. Education: She studied at McPhail School of Music, Bethel, and the University of Minnesota and carries with her a Bachelor’s in Music Education.

2. Experience: With over 40 years of teaching under her belt, Melissa brings a whole world of experience into lessons with her. She started teaching in 1976 and has continued to do so since then.

3. Relevancy: While education is crucial, continued practice is equally important. To this day, Melissa plays at various venues, from church services to funerals. This allows her to stay on top of her game while also helping her teach relevant music to younger students.

4. Patience: Having seven kids of her own and homeschooling six of them, Melissa knows all about patience. This allows students of all ages to excel with her.


“I don’t just ‘do’ a wedding or a funeral. I want to help the client feel like the experience is everything they wanted it to be and more. A tribute to someone’s life will be remembered forever. I want to help them make it their own.”


A little Linus and Lucy for the holidays or anytime!

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